The Steading, Drumlithie

The Brief


HYVE Architects were appointed to create additional living spaces to a steading in Drumlithie for a family with 2 young children. The new area was to provide enough space to accommodate an open plan dining area and a new master bedroom with en-suite facilities. The property was surrounded by a large garden but the garden was only accessible from the side through a small patio door of the living room. Part of the design was to provide the steading with a better connection to the sloping garden.

The Design


Instead of opting for a large extension to create the required space, HYVE opted to convert the existing garage into a large master bedroom (incorporating an en-suite and walk-in-wardrobe).
A new extension to the rear of the property links the existing cottage with the new garage conversion, while at the same time, providing a much better connection with the garden.

Part of the extension takes the original shape of the steading while the link between the extension and the garage is designed as a contemporary addition (flat roof) which contrasts with the traditional form of the existing buildings. Externally it emphasises the division between the main house and the converted garage, internally the flat roof provides a gradual transition between the public dining area and the private bedroom.

The extension is designed to maximise light and views to the garden. Roof lights are positioned to achieve maximum light into the new living spaces, and a glazed façade affords good views and access to the garden.