New name for the practice is announced



After ten successful years trading as Isis Architecture Ltd, we have decided to change the name of the business to Hyve Architects Ltd. Unfortunately, the continued reporting in the media of terrorist activities perpetrated by ISIS means that our original name is inadvertently now linked with negative press, and it is an association we want to end.


We are excited to start afresh with a new name in the year of our tenth anniversary. Following much deliberation in the office, we settled on the new name Hyve Architects Ltd. As many will know, the old Scots name for Stonehaven is “Steen-hyve” or “Stane-hive”. As well as the name being linked to the location of the business, the word “hyve” is old scots for “haven”- a haven is of course a place of refuge, protection, retreat or shelter, much like the homes we love to create.


The business will continue to operate from 43 Evan Street, Stonehaven and our telephone number remains the same. Please note our new email address and our new website address You can also keep in touch with us on facebook and on